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Since 2008, Anouk and Nathalie have been welcoming visitors to their workshop in Les Gets where their passion is to make unique, useful and decorative objects from white stoneware fired at high temperature.

The founder of the project is Anouk, who began training in pottery making and enamelling in 2002.  She loves the contact with the earth and the meditative moments that shaping pieces entails.  She pays great attention to detail and is constantly creating new shapes. Anouk is equally passionate about her second activity as a farmer, taking care of her ewes throughout the year and heifers in the summer, a way of life in tune with nature.

Nathalie joined the adventure in 2012. A trained graphic designer, she is the one who decorates the pieces, with the idea of creating poetic, amusing and feel-good pieces.  She loves opening the kiln to see the new, still warm, pieces inside; on those days it feels a little like Christmas!  Her second activity as a graphic designer allows her to keep her curious and analytical side alive.

These two sisters carry the heritage of a mother who was an artist and a father who was a goat farmer.  Their pottery changes according to the season, their mood and people they meet, with every piece being unique.  Feel free to step through the doors of the shop to discover the latest creations.

Poterie Artisanale des Gets
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